Frequently asked questions

How does Siplabel work?

Siplabel is an online tool designed to support winemakers in providing consumers in the EU with the detailed information required by EU regulation about their products. This information is displayed through the electronic label (e-label).

You can check here how siplabel works.

What is an e-label?

An electronic label (e-label) is an innovative way of providing information required by EU regulations. Wine producers can use it to provide consumers with nutritional information or information about the ingredients of their wines. The use of e-labels is helpful when the label on the bottle does not enable this information to be presented directly on the bottle. It could be caused either for lack of space or to preserve the label's design. A QR code represents the Siplabel e-label on the wine bottle.

How to sign up to Siplabel?

Registration is simple and fast. Watch our video here.

Is there a legal basis requiring a wine producer to use the e-label?

New labeling rules adopted by the reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) introduced an obligation for wine and aromatized wine producers to list the ingredients and nutritional information of the wine on the label. The rules allow winemakers to choose whether to include this information on the printed label or a dedicated web page, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code. Since this is a large amount of data that needs to be managed and delivered to customers in real-time, it is more cost-effective for winemakers to rely on our robust and secure tool than to bother with the lengthy preparation of their own solution.

If you want to learn more about the applicable EU regulations, you can read them at this link directly on the official website of the European Union.

Why should I use Siplabel when I can put the information on my webpage?

Doing so would be contrary to the rules of the relevant EU regulation, which requires that content intended for sales and marketing purposes is not displayed together with ingredients and nutritional information. Most websites contain information that is considered sales and marketing. Those websites also use tracking and analytics tools designed for marketing purposes, which constitutes non-compliance with the requirements of the relevant EU regulation. Our tool addresses these problems. Siplabel does not contain or deliver any information that could be considered sales or marketing.

For whom is Siplabel designed?

The new EU regulation applies to all wines and aromatized wines consumers can buy in EU member countries. The online tool Siplabel is designed for all wine and aromatized wine producers who sell their products anywhere in the EU. It is, therefore, also intended for producers from outside the EU whose products are sold in EU Member States.

Do my customers have to pay to scan a QR code?

No, your customers don't have to pay, and will never have to pay anything to use the Siplabel QR code. After scanning the QR code, we will show them all the data required by the regulation free of charge.

In what language will the information be displayed after scanning the QR code?

Regardless of which EU country your customers scan the QR code in, they will always get the information they need in the correct language.

Are you tracking my customers and analyzing their behavior?

The use of marketing tools would be contrary to the requirements of EU regulation. Therefore, we do not track customers for marketing and business purposes. We detect their location to ensure that we display the required information in the correct language. We use data from their browser settings or geolocation.

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