How to use QR codes to comply with new E.U. wine label rules: a guide for

New E.U. wine labeling regulations dictate that wines and aromatized wine produced after December 8, 2023, must disclose ingredients, nutritional data, and other specifics either on the physical label or via electronic methods like QR codes and digital labels.

Siplabel QR codes offers a streamlined solution for wine producers to comply with the upcoming EU regulations on wine labeling. Given the complexity of processing this data, there's an increased administrative and technical burden on wine producers. Siplabel simplifies this process by offering a tool that ensures consumers receive the required information in real-time without compromising the design of wine labels

Video tutorial how to sign up to Siplabel

Why Choose Siplabel?

  1. Cost-effective: Avoid costly changes associated with physical label design updates
  2. Dynamic: Update digital labels over time as needed
  3. User-friendly: Update digital labels over time as needed

Drawing from our extensive experience with various wine brands, this guide offers a comprehensive plan for adhering to these regulations using QR codes and digital labels using Siplabel platform: 

Step 1: Organize Your Wine Information

Before getting started the first step to take is to organize all the necessary information about your wine products. This can be done in a spreadsheet or database and should include:

  • Wine variety
  • Nutritional information
  • Allergen declaration
  • Compliance document and other

This will help you to first understand what you what you wish to showcase to your consumer, target market and regulator accordingly.

Step 2: Register on Siplabel

Click 'Register Now' on

Fill in your company details, email, and password.

Agree with the privacy policy and confirm your email address.

Afterward click on I have confirmed email on webpage: 

Step 3: Input Information into Siplabel

Once registered, you can easily input the organized wine information into Siplabel’s platform. The platform supports manual entry, bulk upload, and API integrations for ease of use.

You continue to define your wine brand and first product page. This can be skipped and finished later. 

Otherwise, you need to fill all the informations about your brand and product. Then continue to specify nutrition details. Energy is calculated automatically from energy calculator. All other informations need to be filled. 

Step 4: Generate QR Codes

After inputting the information, Siplabel allows you to generate and download QR codes that can be used on your printed labels. Then they can add another products or edit existing products. 

Step 5: Print Labels 

Design your labels incorporating the QR codes to match the aesthetics of your product, if you are not content with standard black and white QR code, you can simply copy the URL that you have generated on the previous steps and redesign the QR codes via third party applications.


Compliance with the new E.U. wine labeling laws is now easier than ever with Siplabel. In the digital age, it's crucial for wine producers to keep up with regulations and consumer demands. Siplabel bridges this gap, offering a solution that's both technologically advanced and user-friendly. Follow these steps to ensure that your wine products meet all the necessary requirements by the regulators and tell your story to your customers. 

Register your products here and be ready for a new legislation.

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