Why to prepare for

EU legislation now

Don't leave the preparation for mandatory legislation on nutritional value labeling until the last moment.

OCT 17, 2023

Getting ready for mandatory legislation now can be very beneficial for several important reasons:

1. Anticipation: Mandatory legislation will apply to everyone without exception. Being prepared well in advance ensures that you avoid stress and unexpected situations.

2. Safety: Using QR codes is safe, fast, and easy. Moreover, QR codes have minimal impact on the design of your product labels. 

3. Efficiency: Avoid unnecessarily complicating compliance with legislation by publishing nutritional values directly on labels. Siplabel QR codes meet all the requirements and greatly simplify the process for you.

4. Cost-effectiveness: In some cases, early preparation can help save money. For example, you can avoid fines for non-compliance from regulatory authorities.

5. Independence: Using Siplabel QR codes means that the registration process will take only a few minutes. Furthermore, you can update information at any time.

6. Accessibility: The Siplabel tool is available to every winery. You can start using the solution from as low as €75 per year

Therefore, preparing now can be a very reasonable step that ensures a smooth transition to the new legislation without the threat of fines and penalties. 

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Martin Horvat

Head of marketing